Picture the Jeannette Glass Factory

Picture of the Jeannette Glass Factory courtesy of The Jeannette Historical Society



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Glass City Swing Band, formed in 2009, is an 18-piece band that plays music from the Swing Era bringing a taste of nostalgia for the old and something new and fresh for the young by playing swing tunes that are recognized by both young and old. Hear the music of Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and many of the Big Band favorites. Members of the GCSB have played together in different ensembles for over 20 years. It is a love of music and a passion for entertaining and supporting communities that brings us together to form the Glass City Swing Band. Read about what Glass City Swing Band does as a nonprofit corporation.

The band got its name from "The Glass City", Jeannette, PA. With most of the members residing in the Jeannette area and few in the surrounding area, Glass City Swing Band was the perfect name. It depicts the once lively town of Jeannette with its many glass factories. To the left displays one of the earlier pictures of Jeannette Glass. The city of Jeannette was built around this factory.

GCSB is available as an 18-piece Swing Band or as a combo group consisting of a rhythm section, vocalist and one to four instruments. GCSB specializes in dances, fund-raisers, summer concerts, weddings, anniversaries, parties and corporate events for either group size. For any brides looking for a specific song list or a themed event you might be thinking about, GCSB can accommodate your needs. We add just that right touch to create an enjoyable evening had by all.

Hire Glass City Swing Band for that special event, wedding, or fund-raiser. GCSB's price is negotiable depending on the venue and hours. Quote upon request.
Todd Reagan
Caryn Dettling

Lead Alto: Jill Procida
2nd Alto: Jesse Bush
Lead Tenor: Kevin Bass
2nd Tenor: Valerie Uschock
Bari Sax: Diane Sheffler

Lead Trumpet: Nieko Disso
2nd Trumpet: Joy Procida
3rd Trumpet: Steve Tribble
4th Trumpet: Jeremy Shirey

Lead Trombone: Frank Zimmaro
2nd Trombone: Greg Nuss
3rd Trombone: Jean Swinker
Bass Trombone: Carl Block

Rhythm Section
Piano: Cheri Hull
Bass: Gene Hudak
Drums: Denny Rosatti